A small, well protected beach that is popular with divers and walkera for the view both above and beneath the waves.… Read More

Wylie Baths | Coogee

With sweeping views over the ocean and wedding cake island, Wylie Baths is a great place to take a dip, stay fit or watch the whales… For a small fee.… Read More

Dunningham Reserve Blessed Virgin Mary

Dunningham Reserve looks out over the ocean, connecting Gordon’s Bay to Coogee Beach via the Coastal Walk, with spectactular views and access to Giles Baths.… Read More

Giles Baths | Coogee

Take a dip in this naturally occurring rock pool popular year round. Access via the headland north of Coogee Beach or from the stairs at Dunningham Reserve.… Read More

Grant Park | Coogee

Just south of Coogee Beach, Grant Reserve is a large park with amenities for picnics and BBQs, hosts a large playground, and has access to Wylie Baths.… Read More