Sydney’s Eastern suburbs are blessed with a number of fantastic whale watching spots. Many are easily accessible by car or public transport, while some require a bit more of a hike, but are worth the trouble. Find the full list below:… Read More

Wylie Baths | Coogee

With sweeping views over the ocean and wedding cake island, Wylie Baths is a great place to take a dip, stay fit or watch the whales… For a small fee.… Read More

yena gap

Yena gap is a popular diving and fishing spot with parking and picnic tables just north of Cape Solander within Kamay Botany Bay National Park Getting There Location & Address Map Opening Hours & Contact Parking & Entry Fees Activities Intertidal Protected Zone Diving – Snorkelling & Scuba Fishing Whale Watching Amenities Food Toilets &… Read More

ss minmi

Cast ashore on the 13th May 1937, this shipwreck is scatted across the western side of Cape Banks and Cruwee Cove.It’s unique position makes it a desirable landmark for hikers, photographers, and divers alike. Directions to SS Minmi Shipwreck The main wreckage is located on the western side of the southern point of Cape Banks,… Read More