The second leg of the famous Bondi To Coogee Walk. It’s a nice little stroll in its own right.


Getting To The Tamarama Beach to Bronte Beach Coastal Walk

Where Is Tamarama Beach?

Tamarama Beach is located on Pacific Drive and Tamarama Marine Drive north of Bronte. Hewlett Street offers the best approach from the city.

How Long Is The Tamarama Beach to Bonte Beach Coastal Walk?

This section of the coastal walk is approximately 700 meters and will take between 5 and 10 minutes to walk.


Starting the journey at Tamarama Beach? You might find parking along Tamarama Marine Drive.


Google Maps Link – Tamarama Beach 


The leg from Tamarama to Bronte is an uncomplicated stroll around the headland. Here the path runs next to Bronte Marine Drive with barriers only on the ocean side, so be careful of cars if walking with little ones or when it is busy.

Bronte Beach is a shallow cove that slopes gently down to the vast green expanse of Bronte Park. If you’re in need of a coffee or a bacon and egg roll there are a number of cafes on Bronte Road, south of the beach and hardly a detour from the walk. Otherwise get your toes wet and dry off in the park.

Royal Coastal Walk Tamarama

View from the Royal Coastal Walk just south of Tamarama Beach


Tamarama Beach | Tamarama

Tiny Tamarama is a small beach with a big reputation. Start your walk here with a dip and a swim, or just play in the water.

Bronte Beach | Bronte

Sprawling Bronte Beach is popular with surfers, swimmers and anglers, and is bustling summer long.


Bondi to Coogee Walk pano

The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk | Sydney

The most popular coastal walk in Sydney, taking in the best of the city’s eastern suburbs beaches, along with Waverley Cemetery and the fantastic panoramas of the eastern coastline.


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