The cycleway runs through Todd Park, which has a good playground and some nice shaded areas scattered about.

Getting To Todd Park, Mascot

Where Is It?

Todd Park is located between Dransfield Avenue and Wentworth Avenue in Mascot, not far from Dransfield Avenue Reserve and the Garden Centre. The park is accessible from the north and south and there are bus stops on Wentworth Avenue not far from the park.
Shared bike path runs through the park and along Dransfield Avenue.


The best street address is Dransfield Avenue, Mascot, 2020


There is limited street side parking on Dransfield Avenue.


Google Maps Link – Todd Park | Mascot

Things To Do


The playground features climbing bars, slippery dip, puzzle games, fort climb, a swing set and this unique tractor game.

Picnic Areas

While there are no barbecues in the park there are some nice shaded tracks and benches that make an great little spot for a picnic.

Book Lovers

One of the quietest parks in Mascot, with only busy Wentworth Avenues to the north, plenty of shade and birds chirping.

Todd Park Mascot Sydney


  • Food

    There are no barbecues in the park.

  • Rubbish Bins

    There doesn’t seem to be a bin the park.

  • Toilets

    There are no toilets in Todd Reserve

  • Can I take my dog?

    Dogs are welcome provided they are kept on leash and not too close to the playground,

  • Can I ride my bike / Iock my bike up?

    shared bike path runs through the park and connects to Dransfield Avenue. Though there are no bike lock ups in the park you could probably chain a bike up to nearby bench seat or table.


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