Wattamolla Falls is a significant landmark along the Coastal Walk in the Royal National Park. Supported by a beach, lagoon, lookouts and a picnic area, it’s a great place to start a day out. Access to the waterfall is restricted in some places, but that shouldn’t detract from what is a serenely beautiful spot. 

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Getting There
  • Location & Address
  • Map
  • Opening Hours & Contact
  • Parking & Entry Fees
  • Camping
  • Canoe and Kayak
  • Photography
  • Jumping (Banned)
  • Food
  • Toilets & Rubbish Bins
  • No Dogs
Nearby Attractions
  • Wattamolla Beach
  • Wattamolla Lookout
  • Marley Beach Track

Getting to Wattamolla Falls

Location and Address

Wattamolla Beach Picnic area is at the end of Wattamolla Road within the Royal National Park. Sir Bertram Stevens Drive runs through the National Park. Travelling south, Wattamolla Rd is on your left, shortly after Bundeena Rd.

From the carpark follow the sign north to the falls. A small path runs behind the falls to a path that eventually ends up at Marley Beach. You only need to go a few metres then take the hidden path on the right. Now you’re at the lookout spot.

Some folks miss this path and instead try and scale the slippery rocks to the lookout. Not recommended!

Wattamolla Beach is on the coastal walk:

  • From Marley Beach, head south on the Marley Track, approx 5kms
  • From Garie Beach, head north on The Coast Trail, approx 7kms
path to wattamolla waterfall

The path to the lookout is on the right.



Google Maps link – Wattamolla Falls
Mappery Royal National Park Map – Print Friendly PDF map
Visitor’s Centre, Audley – You can get paper maps for free from the visitor centre.

Opening Hours and Contact

  • Royal National Park: 7am – 8:30pm (Weather pending)
  • Visitor Centre: 8:30am – 4:30pm 7 days (Closed Christmas Day)

Parking and Entry Fees

There is an $11 dollar entry fee for parking your car anywhere within the national park. Pay in person at the Visitor Centre, Audley. There are also toll booths scattered around that are open during peak periods.

There are several parking bays at the Wattamolla Picnic Area and the entrance to the beach / falls. The area gets busy weekends and school holidays, so plan accordingly.


There are several camping sites within the Royal National park. Different fees and rules apply so check the national parks website for full details: (National Parks Website )


Canoe and Kayak

There is an access ramp not far from the main car park to bring in a canoe or kayak. The Lagoon is peaceful enough to get around in, just don’t get too close to the falls.


The falls are one of the National Parks most photographed landmarks, with panoramic views from the top over the lagoon out to the ocean, and from the sand by the beach looking back at the falls.

wattamolla falls

Falls Jump (Banned)

Jumping from the falls is banned due to risk of injury. Exercise good judgement when visiting Wattamolla Falls.



There are several gas and electric bbqs that are free to use in the National Park. Bring some supplies and you’re good to go. There’s also a cafe at the visitors centre / dancehall in Audley.

At busy times you can also get ice creams and drinks from the Wattamolla Kiosk. Call the visitor centre for more info.

Toilets and Rubbish Bins

There are toilet blocks and rubbish bins in the picnic area south up the hill from the falls. Dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully and keep the National Park clean.

No Dogs

Dogs, horses, and other pets are not allowed in the Royal National Park.


Nearby Attractions

Wattamolla Beach

A popular spot for swimmers on the national park, protected on both side by cliffs, it’s generally calm even when the ocean is rough (Read more).

Provenential Point (Wattamolla Lookout)

A short hike past the beach track up to the headland with views to rival Cape Solander, Kurnell. Bring a camera and keep your hat on tight. (Read more).

Marley Beach Track

A 5 kilometre walk north along the Coast Trail, with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, interesting rock formations, and a double reward to cool off in the form of Marley and Little Marley beaches (Read more).