The Yarra Bay Foreshore consists of three beaches that are all accessible via Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park. The park also has decent amounts of car parking, and there is boat access via the Yarra Bay Sailing Club.


The Beaches

The largest of the beaches extends about 600 meters or so along Yarra Bay¬†Foreshore. To the north you can see the south hillside of the Botany Lawn Cemtery. When the winds are high the beach is popular with kite surfers, but during calmer days it’s perfectly suitable for a swim, just keep an eye out for Wobbegong Sharks. If you’re keen on a picnic or even a BBQ there’s plenty of facilties in the park.

North of the main beach is small, south facing beach wedged among the rocks. It’s a good spot for fishing, providing you take care further along the point.

South of the main beach a groyne extends from the Yarra Bay Sailing Club. The groyne is another good place for fishing. Under the right conditions there can be breaks off the groyne that are actually surfable. The small beach outside the sailing club is calm and good for getting your toes wet.


Water skiiers will find easy access via the boat ramp, and the beach is a great place to soak up the sun and maybe grab a couple of cheeky bevvies from the club as well.

The Foreshore also offers views of Botany Bay and the Port, which might be interesting for budding and professional photographers.

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Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park

Yarra Recreational Reserve



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